Home Inspector Training Courses

Working as a home inspector can be profitable. However, becoming a home inspector requires more than having a telephone and a flashlight. It takes a significant amount of commitment, knowledge and experience. There are many home inspector training schools that can train you to become a knowledgeable, competent, confident inspector.

Additionally, some states have training requirements/restrictions incorporated into their licensing regulations. Be sure to check to see if there is regulation in your state.

NAHI does not endorse any training programs; the programs listed below are offered by NAHI Affiliate members. Please contact each company for more detailed information. NAHI does not approve or accept “certification” by any of these companies, but the following programs do fulfill the 40-hour training requirement for NAHI Associate Membership.

A Better School of Building Inspections
Ph:(888) 466-4677
Method: Classroom & Homestudy (48 hours)

Allied Business Schools, Inc
Ph:(888) 925-2108
Method: Online & Homestudy (8 weeks)

American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT)
Ph:(800) 441-9411
Method: Classroom, Online & Homestudy (6-7 Days)

Brickkicker Home Inspection
Ph:(800) 821-1820
Method: Classroom (Franchise Training)

Carson Dunlop
Ph:(800) 268-7070
Method: Classroom & Homestudy

Inspection Training of Arizona
Ph:(480) 245-6462
Method: Online & Classroom (90 hours)

ICA Inspection Certification Associates
Ph: (888) 374-4096
Method: online

Kaplan Home Inspection Training
Ph:(800) 323-9235
Method: Classroom, Online & Homestudy (80 hours)

Safety Train
Ph: (740) 373-6835
Method: Classroom

Ph: (800) 328-2008
Method: Online & Classroom

Pillar To Post Professional Home Inspection
Ph: (877) 604-5854
Method: Classroom (Franchise Training)

Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII)
Ph: (800) 983-6322
Method: Homestudy

Salem State University
Ph: (978) 542-6302
Method: Classroom

WIN Home Inspection
Ph:(800) 967-8127
Method: Classroom (Franchise Training)

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