Study Materials and Recommended Reading

The CRI Exam is based on the following materials:

  1. The Home Reference book (Carson-Dunlop 26th Edition)
  2. Real Estate Home Inspection (Russell W. Burgess, 5th Edition)
  3. The Complete Book of Home Inspection (Norman Becker, P.E., 4th Edition)
  4. Modern Carpentry (Willis H. Wagner, Howard Bud Smith)
  5. Trouble Shooting Guide to Residential Construction by Steven Bliss, from the Editors of Journal of Light Construction
  6. NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics (current edition)

Other Recommended Reading:

  1. Code Check (Redwood Kardon, Taunton Press)
  2. Subterranean Termite Control Manual (Prepared by Phillip G. Koehler)
  3. Basic Plumbing (Sunset Books)
  4. Basic Wiring (Sunset Books)
  5. Dampness in Buildings (Oxley & Gobert, 2nd Edition)
  6. Basic Home Repairs (Sunset Books)
  7. Craftsman Book Series

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