Benefits of Membership

What’s in it for you? Here is a list of just some of the benefits and privileges enjoyed by NAHI Members.  

  • EDUCATION: Whether it is webinars, chapter meetings, or national seminars, you can be assured that NAHI arranges continuing education training sessions taught by the most recognized experts in the nation.
  • MENTOR Assignment
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: These on-line marketing tools, including tips, downloads, templates, and promotional ideas, are perfect for the do-it-yourself marketer. Download the new “Build Your Business Booklet”.
  • FREE WEBPAGE:   Your own webpage at the new ‘Inspector Search’ website portal can be used to drive business to your website.  You can even add photos and videos to set your company apart. Your free website will link directly to your company website.
  • “THE NAHI FORUM” MAGAZINE:  The FORUM is a technical magazine written by home inspectors for home inspectors that keeps you ahead of the competition with timely articles, inspection tips, and advertisements for the tools you need.
  • INSPECTOR FIELD NOTES:  This on-line newsletter tells you twice a month what is happening in the industry that could affect your business as well as providing valuable money making tips.
  • NATIONAL REFERRAL SERVICE:  NAHI’s National Referral Service connects homebuyers directly to you.
  • STATE CHAPTERS: Attending state Chapter meetings keeps you on top of government rules and regulations that could affect your business and gives you a chance to meet other inspectors from your area.
  • CERTIFICATION:  The NAHI Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) designation identifies inspectors who qualify as Professionals, not just home inspectors.
  • CONNECTIONS: Using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other social media, you can connect with professional inspectors nationwide to find an answer, swap tools and equipment, or just tell home inspection war stories.
  • Professional Marketing Training: Mike Crow, America’s foremost home inspection marketing expert, provides NAHI members with a free membership to his Gold Team marketing training program. If you are not marketing your services, the company that is marketing will eventually get your business.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: NAHI can help you get free press coverage each time you do something newsworthy.
  • LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANCE: NAHI monitors state rules and regulations to keep you aware of changes that might be unfair to your business.
  • BUYING DISCOUNTS: NAHI helps keep your costs down by constantly searching for companies that want to do business with you and by negotiating member discounts on your behalf.
  • STANDARDS OF PRACTICE: Because the NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics state in clear terms what a home inspector is supposed to do and not do during an inspection, you and your client can get down to business without a lot of confusion.
  • NAHI LOGO: Displaying the NAHI logo gives you credibility as a member of a nationally recognized professional organization and sets you apart.
  • VOTING: Because NAHI is a membership driven association, members get to select who the leadership will be through an annual election of its board of directors.
  • HELP LINE:  Information and support are only a phone call or click away and when you contact the office, you will be talking to a staff person who has had years of relevant experience in real estate, marketing, business,  or home inspections.



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