How To Become A Home Inspector

1. Do I need a home inspector license?
39 states require home inspectors to have a license. Check your state(s) requirements where you will be operating. Check your state regulation.

2. Do I need home inspection training?
Yes. If the state where you will be operating requires a license, it will also likely require training. If the state where you will be operating does not require training, you still need to know what you are doing. Check out the Training Schools here.

3. Do I need home inspector certification?
Yes, if you intend to build a successful business. No, if you want just spending money for the weekend. Learn more about NAHI’s certification program. Details here.

4. Do I need home inspection tools?
Yes. Some inspectors operate successfully without much more than a flashlight, screwdriver, and a $7 circuit tester. Others invest in tools and equipment that sets them apart as experts. Check out the catalogue of tools and equipment.Click here

5. Do I need business support?
If you have never owned or operated a home inspection business, then it’s important that you receive key information about marketing, insurance, report writing, office management, scheduling, and a host of other business matters. NAHI partners with many companies who are devoted to helping you succeed in business. Check out our business support companies.Click here

6. Do I need home inspector insurance?
If the state where you will be operating requires insurance, than yes. Otherwise, insurance is a business decision. Access insurance companies that specialize in home inspectors’ insurance. Click here.

7. Do I need to ‘incorporate’ my home inspection business?
The legal form you select is a business decision (which may be governed in part by your state). If you are going to collect money by doing home inspections, the IRS will require that you create a tax ID. an attorney or the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) can provide assistance. Read more here.

8. Do I need to purchase a franchise?
Franchised businesses have been described as a “business-in-a-box”. Marketing, tech support, business support, insurance, and other matters can be managed for you. For information about franchise opportunities, visit NAHI’s affiliated franchise companies. Click here.

9. Do I need to join a professional home inspector association like NAHI? When you join NAHI, you become aligned with a well-respected national association. Your NAHI membership identifies you as professional person who is committed to high standards along with promoting ethical practices. NAHI membership also provides a host of benefits. Check out the benefits.

If your are not a home inspector, we can help you become one. If you are a home inspector, we can help you become better at what you do. Want to talk to someone? Call us at (800) 448-3942. You can always email us at

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