Telescopic Ladder Shootout
Rick Bunzel, Pacific Crest Inspections
Ladders and flashlights are near and dear to the home inspector, as these are tools we use on a daily basis. This summer I evaluated telescoping ladders from Telesteps® . . . keep reading

Infrared Camera – Invaluable Tool for Building and Home Inspection
By Virginia Reisig
Infrared (IR) cameras provide an innovative, accurate and noninvasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the conditions of homes and buildings. FLIR Systems IR cameras are being used world wide by home inspecto . . . keep reading

Navigation Systems for Your Vehicle
By Rick Bunzel, CRI, Pacific Crest Inspections LLC
Have you ever set out to an inspection and found the directions to be just plain wrong and confusing? is an improvement to your map book but there are times when even they are wrong. One of my friends had a navigation system in his SUV, which is really cool because it will talk you to your destination, but frankly I just don’t see buying a new car just for this feature. . . . keep reading

Ladder Safety
By Rick Bunzel, Mountain View Property Inspection
Most of us believe that an accident during an inspection will never happen to us. However, think back over the past months as to how many close calls you have had? How many times has the ladder jumped around while we were going into the attic? Or when the ladder shifts when you’re stepping back onto your roof ladder? . . . keep reading

Are Pictures Important?
I performed an inspection for a client with some reluctance. She was a fellow business associate in a referral network group, and yet when she called to inquire as to our services and credentials, she acted like she had no idea! . . . keep reading

Flashlight Shootout
As home inspectors who perform visual inspections, flashlights are a tool that we use at every inspection. Our ability to see into the darkest nooks and crannies are critical to inspecting a home. It’s no wonder that many inspectors feel very passionate about their choice in lights. . . . keep reading

Use That Camera
By Mrs. Doyle Smith
A recent inspection revealed a swimming pool rather inappropriately located in a crawlspace, along with a number of other serious problems, which mere words alone could not begin . . . keep reading

Non-contact Infrared (IR) Thermometers (PART 2 OF 2)
By John Wells, CRI, HOUSE-SMART Inc. Lexington Par
Non-contact, infrared thermometer (IRT)- another handy gadget, just a waste of money, or valuable diagnostic tool? . . . keep reading

Digital Photography and Home Inspections – Part IV
Jim Turner, CRI
The Best Defense is a Strong Offense. On a daily basis Home Inspectors are subjected to the threat of litigation. The best defense is to record an accurate history of the properties we inspect. . . . keep reading

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