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Let’s Talk About Hose Bibs
By Kenny Hart, KC Hart and Company
They go by many names such as boiler drains, sillcocks, wall faucets and wall hydrants, but no matter what you call them, they all generally fall under the classification of a hose bib. A hose bib is a valve with a hose threaded spout that facilitates easy connection of a utility or garden hose . . . keep reading

Copper Pinhole Leaks
By Steve Showalter, CRI, President-Building Specs
There has been a recent failure of copper plumbing on municipal water supply with regards to distribution lines in Anne Arundel County, MD. As home inspectors we have been seeing the problem develop first hand as a result of the failures. Maryland has set up a task force of government representatives and top researchers to investigate the cause and come up with a solution. . . . keep reading

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