Pests & Termites

National Pest Management Association, Inc.

Termites And Other Wood Destroying Insects Or Organisms
By Everett H. Rawlings CRI, Inspectech and NAHI Bo
The NAHI Standards of Practice and most state licensing laws do not require professional home inspectors to observe or report on the presence or absence of wood destroying insects or organisms. In fact, Art. 2.2 of the NAHI SOP states, “The determination of the presence of or damage caused by termites or any other wood-destroying insect or organism is excluded.” However, Art. 1.6 states “The purpose of the inspection is to identify visible defects and . . . keep reading

Woodpecker Damage – What to do?
By Jay Schnoor, CRI and Editor
We have all seen woodpecker damage on wood siding, particularly plywood siding where the birds are trying to get at the larvae in the interior voids of the plywood. . . . keep reading

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