Liability Concerns

Cutting Expenses as Business Slows Why Cancelling Your E&O Can Really Cost You!
David Brauner, Senior Broker OREP
As business slows, perhaps some of you are thinking about cutting expenses by either letting your E&O policy lapse (not renewing) or by canceling mid-term. This is what you ought to consider befor . . . keep reading

Is It A Defect?
By Dan Schilling, Residential Inspections, LLC
What is a defect? The question of what constitutes a defect is one that is pondered at the end of almost all home inspections. Both homebuyers and real estate agents are always asking the inspectors, “Is this considered a defect?”, “Is that a defect?”How do you answer them? Might you get into trouble by trying to determine that for them? . . . keep reading

Ask the Inspector
By Everett Rawlings, CRI, Inspectech/Federal Build
I’m a new inspector and I’m really concerned about liability. Others keep telling me that I have to be very careful about how I say things. Are there standard phrases I can use to keep me out of trouble? ANSWER. . . . keep reading

No Nonsense Safety & Liability Issues
By Claudia Lawrence, TWI Systems
Many States require 2-4 hours of safety in inspection courses. As I had thoughts about how to incorporate a safety presentation into the TWI Course, I came up with the following summary on safety issues to share with others. . . . keep reading

Driveway Presentation
By Everett Rawlings, CRI, InspecTech
Presenting your client with the Inspection Agreement prior to performing an inspection is an important step in risk management. My policy (based on over 18 years of inspection experience and managing a business enterprise that has performed over 45,000 inspections) is that I would never release an inspection report without a signed inspection agreement and receipt of payment. . . . keep reading

The Home Inspector Insurance Primer
A Claims Made policy provides coverage for claims made and reported while the policy is in force. The inspection relating the claim must have been performed during the policy period or after the policy Retroactive Date. The Retroactive Date is the date you purchased your first Claims Made policy. No coverage is provided by a Claims Made policy after the policy expires, unless . . . keep reading

A Defect Attorney’s Dream — An Interactive Article
After taking possession of the property 3 weeks ago, the client was concerned about 2 obvious defects. The electric oven would take hours to heat and never reached temperature . . . keep reading

By Martin Bennett, Ace Home Inspections, Baltimore
In my short ten years of home inspection and building analysis I’ve spoken to many in our profession through connections of NAHI and ASH . . . keep reading

The Results! A Defect Attorney’s Dream – An Interactive Article
Thank you to all of you who submitted responses to the photos presented in this article. . . . keep reading

Avoiding Litigation
By Keith Swift, Ph.D., Porter Valley Software, Nor
Inspecting a property is a serious business, and also a litigious one! Inspectors are being sued at an alarming rate, and commonly . . . keep reading

Meth Labs: A Hidden Danger to All of Us
By Rick Bunzel, Mountain View Property Inspection
We have seen the results on TV as police in white suits and gas masks enter a house or apartment. It is from a homemade high better known as “meth”, a combination of lethal . . . keep reading

Terrorists are Among Us
By Keith Swift, PhD., Porter Valley Software, Nort
The title of a recent article in the real estate section of the Los Angeles Times proclaims that real estate is “the most litigious issue” in America today! . . . keep reading

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