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Rural Area Heating Systems
By John Mueller, CRI
I recently purchased a vacation home in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. It is a five bedroom, two-bath wood frame ranch style home with an extended family room and a full basement, secluded . . . keep reading

Residential Oil Tanks
By Mike Hatch, President of Boston Environmental
There are over ten million homes in the northern portion of the United States heated by oil. The vast majority of these homes have an aboveground fuel oil storage tank. Therefore, thousands of times each week home inspectors are inspecting homes that have an oil tank in the customer’s basement or backyard . . . keep reading

Steam & Hot Water Boiler Systems
By Greg Wayman, CRI, Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc
Made out of cast iron, boiler systems were made to withstand the test of time. Nicknamed after battleships for their similarity in material, strength, and durability, it is not uncommon to find an old boiler system still going strong 50 years down the road. A boiler’s design can be overwhelming at first, but once you understand how they operate, inspecting a boiler system becomes a whole lot easier. . . . keep reading

Underground Fuel Oil Tanks – A Personal Perspective
By Ed Blazek, CRI
While the evaluation and condition of buried oil tanks is excluded in my pre-inspection agreement, I have always noted the presence of them on my inspection reports, whether they are currently in use or abandoned, and recommend further evaluation by qualified licensed personnel to determine . . . keep reading

Furnace Inspections
By Ellis Prach, Heat Exchanger Experts, Inc
What a tragedy when you read that a homeowner has been hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning, is comatose or has actually died from a faulty furnace heat exchanger. Another tragedy is when an educated home inspector gives his customer a proper diagnosis on a potentially dangerous furnace and then an HVAC company comes in for a second opinion and informs the homeowner that the furnace is fine and should last another ten years. What happens then? Being in the heating business for 45 years, I have been there and can tell you first hand what happens. . . . keep reading

New Regulations for Safety Affect Cost of Hot Water Tanks
We all joke about getting into hot water but the truth of the matter is: turn on the shower or run yourself a bath and that’s exactly where we want to be – in hot water! . . . keep reading

A Closer Inspection of Oil Heat
Many real estate agents and home inspectors have a knee-jerk reaction to clients who are pondering what to do with an old oil heating system: “Why don’t you pull it out and put in a new gas one?” . . . keep reading

Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind
Jay Schnoor
Buried oil tanks at the I-80 Fill-er-up and Keep on Truckin’ Diesel Fuel – Gasoline – Kerosene Truck Stop are regulated by a myriad of Federal and State regulations. . . . keep reading

Just About Everything You Wanted to Know About Air Conditioning
During my career as a home inspector I have probably personally inspected over 5000 air conditioning units and our company . . . keep reading

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