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Don’t Fault My Arc-Fault
By John Wells, CRI, HOUSE-SMART Inc.
Those readers who devour every bit of The NAHI forum Magazine, including the masthead page might recognize my name as the Assistant Editor. Occasionally the Publications Chair everyone knows the venerable Jay Schnoor allows me to shoot from the lip with an Editor’s Comment. If he regrets some of those journalistic gratuities, to date he has suffered in silence. . . . keep reading

Service Panel Capacity
By John E. Schroeder, CRI, Built-Write Certified I
I wanted to share the importance of a detailed and careful explanation of conditions reported to your client during an inspection. Below is a photo I took this week at an inspection. You can clearly see the hot leads (black wires) connected with wire nuts with no circuit breaker to protect the circuits. The home was fed with a 100 Amp service entrance cable. . . . keep reading

Neutral & Ground Isolation
By Rickey Shockley, CRI
This article examines the need to keep the neutral and equipment ground electrically isolated in the house distribution system. We will examine why the ground needs to be isolated and some of the potential risks if this is not kept isolated. . . . keep reading

One Out of Four Homeowners Never Check for Electrical Hazards
by Jemarion Jones
Out of more than 75 million American homeowners, one out of four never checks for electrical hazards and thus is vulnerable to electrical homestructure fires and other incidents that can cause significant personal and financial losses, a new survey commissioned by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) has found. . . . keep reading

Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters – Bringing Safety and Technology Together
By Wes J. Smith, AmeriTel Consulting Group
Could you imagine not having a smoke detector in your home? When smoke detectors were first introduced, it was mandatory to have one in every home. Today, it is mandatory to have one on every floor. Smoke detectors have helped alert millions of families to fires and have saved lives. . . . keep reading

Wiring Gauge & Air Conditioning Systems
Greg Vishey, Grosse Pointe, MI
Here’s the situation – 3-year old service approved by the city has an A/C condenser rated at 60 amps . . . keep reading

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