Basement Systems — Crawl Space encapsulation

Crawl Space Surprises
In 1984 I began my retirement profession – that of a home inspector. That was before the time for membership in the National Association of Home Inspectors, therefore, I had no knowledge of the NAHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics. I wanted to do the best job that I could for my clients . . . keep reading

Inspecting Basements
Today homeowners try to utilize every inch of space in their home and many are turning basements into additional bedrooms, recreation and media rooms . . . keep reading

Article 2: Crawl Space
By F. Jay Schnoor
In 1988 the first NAHI Standards of Practice was written and within that document was the terminology that an inspector is not required . . . keep reading

Article 1: Crawl Space: When are they “Accessible?”
By Jim Newcomb
In question is the standard for crawl space inspections. In paragraph 4.3.1 the standard specifically states that we are “NOT required . . . keep reading

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