March 2012 Educational Webinar

Topic: Land Contamination Records and Home Inspections

Description: In this presentation, attendees learned about records sourced at the Federal, State, Local, Municipal and Tribal levels regarding environmental contamination. These records include leaking gas stations, dry cleaners, landfills, superfund sites, clandestine drug labs and permitted facilities. All of these records can be important to home owners and are often overlooked as part of the home buying and owning process. The records affect the soil, groundwater and can potentially affect the indoor air quality. Most homes will have some findings within ½ mile so a discussion of how risk determination will be included. Connections to “green homes” and Broker liability were covered as part of the material.

Speaker: Johnston (Jack) Huntress, Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

Speaker Bio: Johnston (Jack) Huntress is VP Residential Services at Environmental Data Resources (EDR). In 2007, he joined EDR as part of an acquisition of a product he co-founded in 2002 ( Currently he heads Residential Services conveying the value of environmental data as part of home transactions and ownership to major lenders, Fannie Mae, data providers, real estate agents, home inspectors and associations. Mr. Huntress also co-chairs the Mortgage Bankers Association MISMO Environmental and PCA Workgroup where he works to develop and promote XML based data standards for the commercial real estate industry. From 2008-2010 Mr. Huntress created an online platform and curriculum for the property due diligence industry. Previously, Mr. Huntress worked for Chevron, as a consultant for Arthur D. Little and Jacques Whitford. He has BS and MS degrees in geology and geophysics from Boston College and lives in Carlisle, MA with his wife Heather.

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