Common Defects

Summary: This session will look at multiple system problems in residential inspection. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for those who are visual learners, this is exactly the case. Taken from his thousands of inspections, Mike has accumulated several humorous slides that will not only make you laugh but will bring many problems into focus of which you are sure to run into during the course of your career. Sit back and enjoy a presentation that should teach and have you laughing.

Speaker: Mike Nelson, Nelson Professional Inspection

Biography: Mike Nelson is an I.C.C., I.B.C. and I.R.C. Certified Building Inspector and owner of Nelson Professional Inspection in Marion, New York. Also, Mike is currently working as the Chief Building Official for the village of Macedon, New York, and is a New York Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector for the town of Macedon, New York.

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