Chinese Drywall

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NAHI’s Educational Webinar on Chinese Drywall was “well presented with a considerable amount of data to absorb,” said NAHI member Troy Bloxom of Home Inspection Plus, LLC, Eagle River, AK. “Well done and keep them coming. It’s a great means of being educated without the airfare.”

Presenter Allison Grant, a Chinese Drywall victim herself, gave listeners a number of things to look for to identify the tainted drywall. She pointed out that odor is not necessarily the best indicator because some homes have only a few sheets of tainted drywall. Also, your sense of smell can quickly adjust to the odor, so you become somewhat desensitized to it. She pointed out the heat and humidity help accelerate the out-gassing process, which explains why most cases are in south-eastern states, Texas and California. “Personally, I didn’t know that the problem was as wide spread as it is,” said NAHI member Ken Winter of American Eagle Home Inspections, LLC, Elgin, IL. “To date, there have been over 3300 confirmed cases of tainted drywall in 38 states, Puerto Rico and American Samoa.  The hardest hit states are Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, but there are even some cases in my home state of Illinois.”

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