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Webinar Archive

The NAHI Webinar archive is now available to the public. Click here to access the archive page. If a Webinar is available for viewing, you will see the option to view it.

March 2012 – Land Contamination Records and Home Inspections

Presented by Johnston (Jack) Huntress, Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

February 2012 – Deck Inspection

Presented by John Bouldin, Inspection Reporting Services, Inc. dba ProTechs Home Inspections

January 2012 – Exterior Plaster

Presented by Steven Long, E.R. Long & Associates

December 2011 – Tax Strategies for Home Inspectors

Presented by Fred Malone, Certified Financial Planner

November 2011 – Ice Dams and Ventilation

Presented by Gerry Aubrey, Blue Bell Consulting

October 2011 – Basic Facts of Natural Gas, Venting and Carbon Monoxide

Presented by Joe Zaabadick

August 2011 – Radon Measurement & Health Effects in Residential Buildings – Sources and Test Protocols

Presented by Andreas George, Radon Testing Corporation of America (RTCA)

July 2011 – Common Defects

Presented by Mike Nelson, Nelson Professional Inspection

June 2011 – Risk Mitigation

Presented by Joseph Denneler, Zarwin Baum DeVitto Kaplan Schaer Toddy, P.C.

May 2011 – Advanced Plumbing

Presented by Mike Nelson, Nelson Professional Inspection

April 2011 – Risk Management – Risks & Facts

Presented by Robert (Bob) Pearson, Allen Insurance Group

March 2011 – Log Home Inspections

Presented by Kevin Maynard, Open Hearth Homes Inspection

January & February 2011 – Building Envelope Failures, Parts 1 & 2

Presented by Steve Verssen, Vertech Inspection & Consulting, Inc.

December 2010 – The Ins, Outs, and Extras of the NAHI Website

Presented by Tom Westlund, National Association of Home Inspectors

November 2010 – Code Training for the Home Inspecto

Presented by Mike Nelson, Nelson Professional Inspection

September 2010 – Radon Mitigation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Presented by Stacy Busch, Hidden Dangers

View the presentation.

August 2010 – Inspecting Clandestine Labs

Presented by Trevor Welby-Solomon, CRI of Pillar To Post

View the presentation.

July 2010 – Opportunities for Home Inspectors with Infrared Testing

Presented by Peter Hopkins, United Infrared

June 2010 – Chinese Drywall

Presented by Allison Grant, Esq., Partner, Shapiro, Blasi, Wasserman & Gora, P.A.

View the presentation.

May 2010 – Defect Recognition and Effective Report Writing

Presented by Trevor Welby-Solomon, CRI of Pillar To Post

View the presentation.

April 2010 – Physical Properties of Spanning Elements – Beams, Joists, Suspended Slabs, & Rafters

Presented by Hollis Brown, CRI of ThoroSpec LLC and Home Inspector Training Academy

View the presentation.

March 2010 – Fireplaces and Chimneys

Presented by Mike Nelson, Chief Building Official for the Village of Macedon NY

February 2010 – Managing the Difficult Customer

Presented by Jo DeMars, DeMars & Associates Ltd.

View the presentation.

January 2010 – Getting#1 on Google

Presented by Brian Kraff & Griffin Davis, Market Hardware

December 2009 – High Efficiency Heating Systems

Presented by Don Norman, Norman Property Consulting Group

Ocobter 2009 – Services & Service Panels

Presented by Don Norman, Norman Property Consulting Group

August 2009 – Plumbing Issues Easily Overlooked

Presented by Stacy Busch, WIN Home Inspection – Englewood

View the presentation.

July 2008 – New Income Opportunities in Manufactured Housing Permanent Foundation Certifications.

Presented by Paul Hayman, Hayman Residential Engineering

June 2008 – Persnickety Old Houses…Let’s Really Check Them Out!

Presented by Steve Preins, Quality Education Group

View the presentation.

March 2008 – 8 Habits of Successful Home Inspectors

Presented by Rick Bunzel, CRI, Pacific Crest Inspections, LLC and Greg Wayman, CRI,Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc.

Tax Strategies for Home Inspectors

Summary: This session discussed how you can save thousands of dollars in income and self-employment taxes using proven techniques for maximizing your deductions for your business vehi . . . keep reading

Ice Dams and Ventilation

Summary: Ice dams are a ventilation problem – true or false? True! NAHI members tune . . . keep reading

Common Defects

Summary: This session will look at multiple system problems in residential inspection. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for those who are visual learners, this is exac . . . keep reading

Radon Measurement & Health Effects in Residential Buildings – Sources and Test Protocols Summary: This session was an overview of radon including the subsequent health effects, sources within a home, measurement methods, and testing protocols. Speaker:/ST . . . keep reading

Basic Facts of Natural Gas, Venting and Carbon Monoxide

Summary: A discussion of the inherent qualities of Natural Gas, including required temperature for combustion, specific gravity, odor, combustible range, byproducts of complete and in . . . keep reading

A Professional’s Tools: How to Choose the Right Moisture Meter – Presented by Professional Equipment

A quick summary: ——- • What’s the difference between a $60 moisture meter and a $400 one? • Should I get a pinned or pinless meter? • How does . . . keep reading

Using Technology to Decrease Costs & Increase Customer Satisfaction – Presented by AHIT Summary: This session reviewed how the latest advancements in technology can help decrease your home inspections costs, while increasing your customer satisfaction and referral rate. . . . keep reading

Trilogy Payment Solutions

Summary: Ever wonder how credit and debit card processing charges really work? What are all those different categories? . . . keep reading

Risk Mitigation

Summary: This session will get into the tips and techniques for reducing risk of claims and lawsuits by using documents, in-person communications and common sense.Spea . . . keep reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a webinar? A: A webinar is another term for a web conference or web meeting. Everyone is familiar with the NAHI National Education Conference where members travel to a host city to meet for educational sessions/trade show. A webinar allows people to “meet” over the internet; no travel involved. . . . keep reading

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