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Jim Turner, CRI, Building Insp & Const Consulting

SITUATION: A NAHI member reported that damaged wood framing, discovered in a garage during the course of the inspection, was "caused by a termite infestation."

QUESTION: Has the member sufficiently followed the NAHI Standards of Practice?

ANSWER: NAHI Standards of Practice states:


2.3 The determination of the presence of or damage caused by termites or any other wood-damaging insects or organism is excluded.

CONCLUSION: The member has exceeded the NAHI Standards of Practice and may have violated state law.

RETROSPECT: The member is not a licensed termite inspector in his state and therefore should refrain from using specific verbiage addressing wood destroying organisms. A state that licenses termite inspectors may consider the use of this verbiage in a report as a violation of state mandates as practicing termite inspections without a license. Suggested proper verbiage would be: "Evidence of damaged wood was observed at (location), recommend further review by a qualified and state licensed termite inspection company prior to the closing of escrow."

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