NAHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

The Standards of Practice provide the minimum standards of performance for a written report on a residential home inspection performed by and for the exclusive use of members of the National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. The Standards define and clarify the purpose, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and certain terms relating to an inspection.

The purpose of the NAHI Code of Ethics is to maintain the integrity and high standard of skill and practice in the home inspection profession. These rules of conduct and ethics shall be binding upon the NAHI inspector.

On June 4, 2013, the National Association of Home Inspectors released a proposed revision to the Standards of Practice. NAHI is seeking member comments on the proposed revisions. Comments may be directed to the Executive Director, Claude McGavic at or by fax at 941-460-5594.

NAHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics – 4.2006 edition (combined)

NAHI Standards of Practice (Spanish version)

NAHI Code of Ethics (Spanish version)

Standards Street

Jim Turner, CRI, Building Insp & Const Consulting

SITUATION: A NAHI member reported that damaged wood framing, discovered in a garage during the course of the inspection, was “caused by a termite infestation.” QU . . . keep reading

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